Post: Appliance Repair In Toronto: What To Do When Your Refrigerator Makes Loud Noises

Fridge repair in Toronto is not a complicated process at all. An important question asked by our clients all the time is: What to do with a refrigerator making noise? With the help of a professional appliance repair service, you can quickly get a fix for your faulty devices and get them working again in no time.

Refrigerators have a talent for breaking down at the worst possible moments. Or so it seems. As a vital household appliance, when this happens, the need for appliance repair can become very urgent. Even more so when you have no idea what to do or who to call.

The refrigerator in your home is arguably the most vital home appliance you own. At the very least, it is the most hardworking. It is always working around the clock to keep its content crisp and fresh. This is why when your refrigerator suddenly starts making loud noises, it may give you cause to panic.

Noises coming from your refrigerator can be worrying. In fact, most people do not know what to do if a refrigerator starts making weird/loud noises. To help you, we are going to be giving you a quick rundown of what may be wrong and what refrigerator repair tips you can use.

In the same vein, it is not every noise from your refrigerator that is an indication that your device needs repair. We will be telling you how to identify and differentiate the sounds from your fridge and possibly carry out repair works on your refrigerator.

Refrigerator Making Loud Noises: What to do

You may be wondering how to identify if there is indeed a repair problem when you hear noises from your refrigerator. Not to worry, we will help you there.

The first question you need to ask and answer is, ‘where is the noise coming from?’. Answering this question will help you narrow down the possible problem zones. It will also help reduce the time you need to spend on troubleshooting or appliance repair in Toronto. Turn on your appliance and put your ear to the bottom, back and insides of your refrigerator. Listen carefully and determine where the noise is coming from.

Keep reading to find out what to do after you have identified the source of the noise.

If the noise is from the bottom of the refrigerator

This is the most straightforward problem to fix. If you hear a loud rattling noise and you have identified the source of the sound to be the bottom of the fridge, then it can most likely mean only one thing — the drain pan is loose.

All you need to do is arm yourself with a screwdriver or a hex key and tighten the drain pan back in place. Do that you and you will have restored the quiet back in your home.

If the noise is from the back of the refrigerator

If this is the case, refrigerator repair may be less straightforward. In fact, you may need the help of a professional appliance repair service in Toronto.

Sounds from the back of the refrigerator can mean three things, either the defrost time is faulty, a defective condenser fan or there is something wrong with the compressor of the refrigerator. You’d have to listen carefully and determine which component is making the noise. We will take each case one after the other.

  • Faulty defrost timer

The defrost timer is a small unit with four terminals sticking out from one of its sides. If this timer is what is causing the noise, the bad news is that it will most likely have to be replaced.

However, the good news is that it is not expensive and you can replace it yourself. Just buy the new component, take out the old one and fix the new one.

  • Noisy condenser fan

If your defrost timer passed the noise test, then the next thing to check will be your condenser fan. Not every refrigerator has one of these fans, but if you find that yours does and this is the problem, then you’d have to fix it.

First, you have to locate the condenser fan. It is usually behind an access panel on the back of the refrigerator. Often, the problem with a condenser fan is too much dirt and grime on and between the blades. This causes an imbalance between the spinning blades leading to the strange noises you hear.

To fix the source of the noise, you will have to open the refrigerator access panel to get to the condenser fan. Once you have done that, clean the grime and debris that may be blocking the blades, and you will be good to go. We also advise that you check the rubber grommets for signs of possible wear and tear. You may have to change then if they do.

  • Faulty Compressor

This is one of the more common problems with a refrigerator. The compressor is a black, helmet-looking unit that is usually at the bottom of the back of the refrigerator. If the noise is coming from here, then you may have to call in an appliance repair expert in Toronto.

A faulty compressor requires technical expertise to fix properly. Most times, you will have to change it entirely, and doing this is expensive. If you are lucky, your refrigerator repair technician may examine it and find the fault far less costly to fix.

If the noise is from inside the refrigerator

If you cannot find the cause of the noise coming from your fridge, the next place to check is inside the refrigerator itself. If the noise is from there, then the fan that circulates air between the fridge and the freezer is faulty.

We have a way for you to confirm. Open the freezer and push in the light switch. If the noise gets louder, then the circulation fan is the problem. The fan is usually behind a plastic cover. When you overfill the freezer, it is possible that this cover pushes against the fan blades and accidentally displaces them, causing the noise.

You can check by removing the cover and inspecting the fan blades to ascertain that there is no damage. If there is no damage and the noise persists, then you may need to replace the fan.


Learning how to troubleshoot a noisy refrigerator, in most cases, is relatively straightforward. However, if you encounter a problem that you cannot solve or after you carry out all these above steps, the problem persists, then you should seek professional help.

Call an appliance repair expert in Toronto to take a look at your refrigerator. It is usually better to have an expert repair your refrigerator rather than risk further damage. refrigerator noises and what to do, please contact us. Our friendly customer support staff are always available to take a call.

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