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Refrigerator repair can be an emergency need. Have you been worrying about how to store your food because your refrigerator is not working? Perhaps, you run a restaurant and can’t afford your refrigerator going out of service. Fortunately, we have an extensive range of repair options for you.

ODAR is the leading refrigerator repair service in Toronto. Over the years, we have provided residents in Toronto and the GTA, reliable refrigerator repair services. From providing information on the categories of the refrigerator, how to diagnose and fix the problem, as well as, access to our expert technicians, we have got you covered.

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Refrigerator Repair at ODAR

We Repair All Types Of Refrigerators

Our experts have all the requisite experience to fix and repair all popular brands of refrigerators.

We offer quick and reliable repair of all types of refrigerators including

Bottom Mount Refrigerator

This is one of the most popular categories of refrigerators. These models have enough storage space for both the freezer and refrigerator components.

It makes it easy to contain items in different widths and sizes. Lastly, it has its refrigerator component directly at eye level.

Do you need to fix a faulty bottom mount refrigerator? Our technicians always carry all of the necessary tools and parts to deliver excellent results.

Call us! We will turn your refrigeration back on in no time.

Top Mount Refrigerator

This kind of top freezer refrigerator has its refrigerator at a lower level. Also, it is available in a wide range of sizes for specific kitchen-type, large or small.

No matter the size and model of your top mount refrigerator, we have got a repair solution for you.

Our repairs are quick, affordable and fully guaranteed. Call us now!

Mini Fridge

Mini fridges supply the cooling power required in a small structure. It is the optimum choice for minimal rec rooms, offices, kitchens, and others.

Mini fridges come in various outlines with options like a glass front, a detachable freezer section, or double doors.

Some models are designed to be freestanding, while others are made for installation within a cabinet setup.

Our refrigerator repair technicians in Toronto are experienced in dealing with different models of mini-fridges. Let us help you turn your refrigeration back on again!

French Door Refrigerator

The lower-freezer profile offers enormous blocks of storage space. The alternative to open a single refrigerator door at a time limits the circumvention of cool air.

Some models are a drawer-style freezer, while others include French doors on the freezer section as well. The French doors only need a minimum swing space.

Like standard Bottom Freezer models, there are several flexibilities in accommodating wide or large items.

French door refrigerators are used to handle massive refrigeration needs. Usually, faulty french door refrigerators are an unwanted prospect.

ODAR is offering you the best french door refrigerator repair service in Toronto and the GTA. Our experts have the tools, the experience and the technical skills to get your repair done quickly!

Other refrigerator types that we handle include:

  • Counter-Depth Refrigerator
  • Side-by-side Refrigerator

Common Refrigerator Problems

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There is a wide range of causes of damage to your refrigerator. The reasons for a completely-damaged refrigerator range from simple debris to complicated mechanical faults.

Due to the number of components attached to a refrigerator, detecting the issues might be a difficult prospect.

Troubleshooting the problem might be complex for fans of DIYs. Therefore, you need experienced, professional refrigerator technicians in Toronto.

Some common problems that we are experts at fixing are:

  • The freezer is cold, but the refrigerator is warm
  • Water leakage in the fridge
  • Cold refrigerator freezer but a warm refrigerator
  • The refrigerator is not cooling
  • The fridge isn’t cold enough
  • The ice maker doesn’t dispense
  • The fridge constantly runs
  • Inoperative freezer and clicking sound
  • The dispenser doesn’t release water
  • Error code on the electronic panel
  • The fridge’s inability to defrost
  • Fridge freezing food
  • Freezer defrost and drain problems
  • Malfunctioning fridge light
  • Freezer not cooling
  • The ice maker not making ice
  • Freezer coils frosting up
  • The refrigerator is totally damaged
  • Condensation on the fridge door
  • The freezer indicator light is bad
  • The fridge or refrigerator is noisy or loud
  • The fridge is extremely cold
  • There is water leakage in the refrigerator
  • The fridge water dispenser not working
  • The refrigerator doesn’t defrost
  • The refrigerator constantly runs or hums
  • The fridge ice maker is not working
  • The freezer only freezes top compartment
  • The fridge defrost and drain problems

We can help you avoid the chore of fixing a damaged refrigerator. Our reliable refrigerator repair team is on hand to help you.

We are experts in the repair of popular refrigerator brands. We repair Amana, Bosch, Fulgor Milano, GEO, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Samsung and many other brand name fridges.

Refrigerator repair does not have to be an expensive prospect. At no extra charge, our services are available 24/7. A call is all you need to summon the services of our skilled refrigerator technicians. As long as you are in Toronto and the GTA. We have got you covered.

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Common Refrigerator Issues

We have included a few common issues that arise in your refrigerator and can cause serious malfunctions.

Faulty refrigerators are usually a huge inconvenience. To avoid food spoilage, you can attempt to troubleshoot your fridge yourself. However, if you don’t have the technical skills or the time, call us immediately.

Inoperative Refrigerators

In case you want to troubleshoot refrigerator issues, we recommend that you start from the basics. This advice is more applicable when the refrigerator is not working. When you start from the fundamental parts, then you can advance to the complicated components until you find the issues.

The following questions will help you troubleshoot an inoperative refrigerator.

  • Firstly, is the refrigerator plugged into a power source?

Although this may seem elementary, there are cases where the refrigerator isn’t properly plugged or unplugged. For instance, while cleaning behind the fridge, and then you forget to put the plug back.

  • Secondly, is the refrigerator door ajar or not appropriately closed?

Admittedly, when the door is open or not properly closed, your refrigerator will most likely not function well.

  • Most importantly, another cause of a defective refrigerator is the thermostat. That is, when it is not set to the accurate temperature. If the thermostat is tweaked up or is completely turned off, the refrigerator will remain inoperable.

Other common issues are:

  • There are several homeowners who have no idea that a refrigerator has vents that must be cleaned. These vents allow the free passage of air in the refrigerator, thereby initiating a cooling effect.
  • Another frequent issue is debris and dust on the coils under or behind the fridge. These coils are the main feature of the cooling system of the refrigerator. Therefore, when their ability is repressed, this can cause your refrigerator to stop functioning.
  • Another causative component is a compressor fan that doesn’t spin because of dirt and dust restricting the fan from turning. If your compressor fan is not spinning properly, then it could be why your refrigerator is not working correctly. In this case, you might need a refrigerator repair expert in Toronto to install a new fan altogether.
  • The compressor fan laws also apply to the evaporator fan, which draws cold air into the refrigerator. Their conditions are similar. That is, if the evaporator fan doesn’t spin freely, the refrigerator won’t work. You may also need the services of a refrigerator repair technician in Toronto for a standard evaporator fan.

In the case where one or more of the mentioned parts are malfunctioning, your refrigerator will not work.

Refrigerator Repair in Toronto

DIY Refrigerator Repair

As always, it is advisable to start your repair process from the easy parts to the complicated ones.

Begin With Simple Components

Like we stated earlier, issues like an unplugged refrigerator or an open door can be solved ASAP. Therefore, it is reasonable that you start troubleshooting by examining these components. That is, begin by thoroughly inspecting the refrigerator to see if the parts we stated above may be the cause.

Furthermore, ensure that you clean the exterior and interior of your refrigerator, thereby removing dust and debris. By doing so, you can remove all debris blocking the vents. This may be a solution to an inoperative refrigerator.

Examine Your Fans

There are two fans, which are the evaporator fan and the condenser fan. Note that you can fix this refrigerator issue only to an extent.

If the process is beyond your capabilities, don’t hesitate to contact us for your refrigerator repair in Toronto.

As a homeowner, we would save you a lot of stress!

In most cases, if any of the above fans are not freely spinning, the typical solution is to replace the fan motor. You can easily purchase the motors online or you can also get them at appliance stores.

However, it is much more recommendable for you to relax and enjoy our refrigerator repair service. For you, it can be an exhausting and time-consuming task that is best left to our professionals.

Fix Complex Refrigerator Issues Today

Reliable, 27/7 Appliance Repair at ODAR

Sometimes, none of the aforementioned issues may be behind a faulty refrigerator. You may have to divert attention to the complex electronic or mechanical components of your refrigerator.

For this aspect, you will require the services of expert technicians.

Doing it yourself might lead to you unknowingly causing damage to functioning parts because this isn’t your field.

Therefore, it is better to opt for our refrigerator repair expertise in Toronto than any DIY.

Let us help you save your time and money!

Refrigerator Repair at ODAR

At ODAR, we offer you a standard replacement for the damaged parts. Also, our professional technicians are renowned for accurate outcomes when it comes to refrigerator repair in Toronto and the GTA.

With our emergency repair services, we put an end to the inconvenience of having to deal with spoiled food.

Book an appointment with us today, and you will get outstanding results!

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