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Modern appliances are an indispensable comfort in our lives. If yours aren’t working the way they should, then you need to find a reliable repair company to get your home back in order. On Demand Appliance Repair is the Greater Toronto Area’s most trusted and dependable emergency appliance repair centre.
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Dryer Repair

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Washer Repair

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Tip From A Appliance Repair Toronto Technician

When you have a broken washing machine, it could mean piling up of dirty clothes. In addition to that, it might lead you to inconvenient and stressful trip of visiting a Laundromat. You might also need expensive pick up and drop off services.  For you to avoid all these, you have to ask for help from a company that will repair the washing machine fast and efficient. There are some minor repairs that you can carry out yourself. There are also cases whereas major repairs are required. These should be left out to the expert hands of professional and skilled repair technicians.

Washing Machine Not Running at All

This is quite a simple and common issue that causes it not to run completely. It could be attributed to the plug that is already loose, or that it is already unplugged.  If ever this happens, you need to check your power connection first. If things have already been plugged and yet the appliance is still not running, you may check on the outlet wherein the washing machine is plugged.

Washing Machine Wont Drain or Fill

If your washing machine appliance does not fill out and drain water completely, you now need to check on the inlet hoses for obstructions and kinks. If it is not draining properly, observe and determine the problem. The problem might be attributed to the hose for clogs and kinks. If hoses are kink-free and clear, you are now facing an even bigger problem. In this regard, you need to seek for the assistance of a professional company that can provide for washing machine repair services. These will help examine the switches for lid and water level, possible culprits, drive belt and pump.

Washer Leaks

Loose connection of hose potentially causes leakage on the washing machine, especially during the draining or filling process. If your floor is flooded with water every time you use a washing machine, then try to check the connection of hoses. Check if they are secured and are tight. For those front loaders, check on the machines door gasket. The small holes you have not noticed from the washing machine may allow the water to escape.

Washer Is Very Noisy

An imbalanced washing machine usually causes unwanted noise. If you use your washing machine at night to wash your clothes, you may be stressed out hearing the unwanted and loud noises that it creates. Excessive loads may be the culprit of too much noise made by your washing machine.

One of the best solutions on how to solve this issue is to cut off its load. When it still creates noise even if you already managed to cut off its load, it is about time for you to seek for washing machine repair services.

There are instances when you can do the repair of simple washing repair problems.  Nevertheless, when it comes to serious washing machine repair problems, it is still best to seek for professional washing machine repair services.

One of the trusted and well-renowned companies to offer washing repair services is On Demand Appliance Repair. We are here to give you the best repair services that are just perfect for your washing machine. We are here to help you and to reduce the burden brought by your washing machine. Never miss out this chance to get in touch with us today!

Why Choose Odar Appliance Repair Toronto?

Odar Appliance Repair Toronto is known by our passion for providing appilance users with high-quality appliance repair service in Toronto. You do not have to disturb yourself if your appliances start malfunctioning; we at Odar Appliance Repair Toronto are just a call away.

  • We have all the necessary spare parts so that we can quickly and effectively repair any brand; In addition, our staff is highly qualified, licensed and secured to provide the best repair service for your Toronto home appliances.
  • Our technicians are polite, quick and professional to ensure they do not disrupt your busy schedule.
  • There are no hidden charges for fees charged for work done; In addition, our technicians will explain the necessary repairs and costs of work before starting work on your appliances.
  • At Odar Appliance Repair Toronto, we are proud to offer the same day of service; we will do everything to make your devices work perfectly without recurring problems.
  • You can freely call us at any time to send you the necessary help.

Popular Toronto Appliance Repair Services

Since Toronto is a multicultural city, Odar Appliance Repair Toronto is also a multicultural as well as popular Toronto appliance repair service. Our technicians come from different places around the world. Although all of our technicians come from different ethnic groups, one thing is common to them; all of them are trained by our specialists to make sure they are fully qualified to work with any job in Toronto.

As a popular appliance repair service provider in Toronto, we want to ensure that we meet the need for repair of all home appliances in Toronto. Our services include: Toronto washing machine repair, Toronto dryer repair, Toronto refrigerator repair, and Toronto dishwasher repair

Refrigerator Repair

At Odar Appliance Repair Toronto, full-service repair is our specialty. We offer a full refrigerator repair service in Toronto, regardless of the model or brand of refrigerator. With our long-standing experience under our belts, our team of expert technicians can quickly respond, diagnose the problem and manage your refrigerator. At the same time, we strive to provide the necessary parts in stock and at hand to avoid multiple trips to your home or business, so you do not have to break away from your job or your home life.

Washing Machine Repair

Hire a reputable appliance repair company in Toronto if your washing machine is degraded. Our technician can provide repair services for washing machines in Toronto in a very short time; choose a company capable of;

  • Repairing all brands
  • Authorized and secured experts

Dishwasher Repair

Dirty dishes can accumulate quickly occupying surface in the kitchen when the dishwasher breaks down. Restaurants may have problems with the health board if the recommended level of sanitary measures is not respected. It is therefore very important to contact a reputable appliance repair company for dishwashers repair in Toronto.

  • Fast and efficient services: If you are at work, time is money; therefore, you need contact details of a trusted Dishwasher repair company in Toronto.

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Customer Reviews

Freezer was working fine but the fridge was not cooling. The tech diagnosed the problem as being a damaged evaporator fan motor. The Tech had to order the part for my model of fridge and then drove 40 mins to pick it up. Overall he repaired the fridge within 2 hrs of original arrival. The Tech was professional, friendly and mindful of my autistic daughter who was always hovering nearby. I would definitely use their service again in the future.

Rick DPickering

Called in and they sent someone right away, everything was very professional and hassle free. Both my technician, Jermaine, and the people i talked to at ODAR were extremely friendly, straightforward and listened to my specific concerns when it came to my tight schedule (new tenants moving in in the next couple days). They also were the only place i could find that would repair our somewhat rare induction cooktop. Would highly recommend ODAR to those living in the GTA.

Connor Toronto

I called late Monday. They were here Tuesday morning; diagnosed the part needed and came back and installed the part within 2 hours. Eric the technician was friendly and helpful. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to my friends.

Stan PThornhill

I was having issues with my was defrosting everything ....I called ODAR the phone rep was great got me an appointment the next day. The technician was Flavio..he was great, explained everything I asked in detail, checked everything out to make sure it was all working properly .. CLEANED the coils and under the fridge .. fixed the problem and checked back with me to make sure everything was still working properly. Great guy, great service.. I'm satisfied and will be calling him back for any other repairs. Highly recommend this place .

Paul DBrampton

Flávio showed up on time both times. He diagnosed the problem in about 5 minutes. Showed us the actual fault. Very friendly gentleman. Would ask for him a again. Thank you!

Private UserBrampton

Eric diagnosed the problem with the dryer and repaired the thermo fuse as well. We talked about my running toilet and he said he would look at it and it would be his pleasure. He fixed it yeah!! And the dryer is working too!! Thank you Eric, you were honest and friendly.

Lisa AugustoMississauga, ON

“I had a guy by the name of Mahdi fix my dryer today and it was an excellent service. He was very professional. He even needed a second part and went out and got it in 10 minutes. Very good service from this company and I highly recommend it.”

Lin QMississauga

I am very happy with Manny's service. He arrived ahead of schedule, diagnosed the problem, provided me an estimate on the spot and when we agreed he purchased the parts and fixed the problem. I will definitely recommend his services and will be calling him again in the near future. He is now my go to appliance handyman.


Just to let you know your crew the best company that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! They were extremely professional, very polite, and the work was exceptional. The manner and speed they did this job was remarkable. Me and my family really can’t recommend this company highly enough.

Charles D.
Charles D.Forest Hills, NY

They installed a new compressor and furnace. The installers were prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. The lead representative was knowledgeable, helpful and ensured that all aspects of the installation were understood. Everyone who came to work in our house was incredibly polite and professional.

Arthur L.
Arthur L.Forest Hills, NY

Very professional and competent. Servicer performed the work promptly and shared his finding afterwards. No hard sell of additional services. I’d definitely use again. Highly recommend this companty and the crew. I am a very satisfied with the performance of the AC unit and continued service from them.

Jim R.
Jim R.Forest Hills, NY


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