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We know that every second counts. Hence, at no extra charge, we run our services 24/7 and can complete washing machine repairs on the same day.

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ODAR – The Leading Washing Machine Repair Service in Toronto

Getting a reliable washing machine repair service in Toronto should not be a source of worry. Of course, a broken washing machine can be quite frustrating. When it starts to leak, won’t start or begins to smell bad, it is a source of inconvenience. For residents who own laundromats and laundry services, it can put a halt to operations.

Washing machine repair services have become a huge necessity in Toronto. Most homeowners have become reliant on the efficiency that a washing machine provides.

ODAR is proud to offer speedy, efficient solutions to faulty washing machines. We are the leading appliance repair company in Toronto, and fixing washing machines is our specialty. You can rely on us for capable washing machine repair experts.

We are not only licensed but also tested, and trusted in this business. In no time, our technicians will get your washing machine working correctly again.

For your utmost convenience, you can schedule us online or via text message. Before you know it, we’ll appear on the doorstep of your residential or commercial property. Like lightening, we carry out repairs very quickly, without compromising quality or efficiency.

ODAR – Effective Washer Repair Toronto

Kinds Of Washing Machines We Fix

At ODAR, no type or brand of a washing machine is too complicated for us to handle. Our technicians have the highest level of training and the requisite experience to handle all washing machine faults.

We service various kinds of wash dryer combinations, laundry centers, and top or front load washers. Other types of washing machines we repair are portable washers, compact washers, and washer and dryer sets. Best of all, we cover all the repairs by parts and service warranty.

Our services for washing machine repair in Toronto will make sure that you don’t have to wash clothes by hand anymore. Of course, you can use your hands to wash dirty clothes. However, it may be a stressful experience for someone used to the reliability and efficiency of a washing machine.

This is why you should call on us to take the burden off you as soon as possible.

Our washing machine technicians will get your appliance ready for use in no time!

Reliable Washing Machine Repair In The GTA

According to customer reviews over the years, getting your washing machine repair in Toronto by ODAR is the best decision for you. We agree with their decision.

It is our wish to make things easier for the residents of Toronto and the GTA. Business owners are not left out. We will operate according to your schedule and carry out our work quickly, ensuring your total satisfaction.

Every expert in our team of repairers is insured and licensed. Apart from that, we guarantee the attitude, professionalism and personality of our washing machine experts. This way, you can feel safe with any of our members on your property.

You can also rest assured that the washing machine repair service we offer is worth every penny you may spend.

What are you waiting for? Call ODAR today for your speedy washing machine repair in Toronto and the GTA!

Washing Machine Repair Service With ODAR

Our  washing machine repair experts in Toronto can fix these common issues:

  • Washing machine not spinning
  • Washing machine making a loud noise
  • Washing machine not agitating
  • Washing machine not draining
  • Washing machine vibrating heavily
  • Washing machine filling slowly
  • Washing machine leaking water
  • Washing machine not starting
  • Washing machine overflowing
  • Washing machine lid or door not locking
  • Washing machine stopping mid-cycle
  • Washing machine showing error codes on its electronic panel

Need to sort out any of these issues? Our skilled men have you covered on all washing machine repair needs in Toronto.

Whatever the problem is, either mechanical or electrical, our qualified and experienced washing machine technicians are at your service. We also provide follow-up and maintenance services for those in the GTA.

Since we take our washing machine repair service in Toronto seriously, we always bring along replacements for front-load and top-load machines.

Other essential parts carried by our experts include:

  • Pump
  • Dial, knob, and button
  • Switch
  • Fastener
  • Float and valve
  • Latch
  • Seal and gasket
  • Motor
  • Agitator
  • Tube, hose, and fitting
  • Circuit board
  • Timer
  • Shock absorption
  • Suspension
  • Spring
  • Tub and drum
  • Belt

Our service truck contains most of these common parts. This is why our repair service is more efficient and takes less time.

As a leading company in the business of washing machine repair in Toronto, we major in all kinds of brands. Some of them are Kitchenaid, Moffat, Whirlpool, Amana, Huebsch, Speed Queen. Others include Samsung, LG, Blomberg, Electrolux, Inglis, Miele, Bosch, Kenmore, GE.

We also repair brands such as Wascomat, Maytag, Westinghouse, Hotpoint, Frigidaire, and many others. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the repairs of all these washing machine brands, so you have no worries.

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Why Trust Us To Repair Your Washing Machine?

Only a capable person should handle your washing machine repair in Toronto. ODAR, also known as On-Demand Appliance Repair, has a reputation for offering the best available repair services.

Residents and corporate organizations all over Toronto and other locations in the GTA can attest to our unbeatable excellence.

Factory Certified Experts

We provide you with the services of certified technicians. These technicians have many years of training and experience. They get up-to-date training at seminars and workshops. Therefore, you’re assured of unmatched expertise and absolute professionalism.

Complete Warranty

Our washing machine repairs in Toronto are guaranteed and fully insured. Every repair job we do is entirely covered by service and parts warranty.

Open 24/7

Repairing your washing machine in Toronto can be an immediate need. This is the reason our office is always open. As long as you reside in the GTA, we can drive down to attend to you and do your repairs the same day.

Washing Machine Use And Service – Commonly Asked Questions

Every washing machine must level to operate correctly. Once your washer doesn’t level, it will no longer balance, and the unit will damage.

Maintenance Tips For Your Washing Machine

Use Adequate Amount And Type Of Detergent

This tip is vital whether you’re using a front-load or top-load device. These machines require less water. So use an average of 2 cups of detergent per wash load. If you use too much soap, it may cause excess suds, which can build up foam on the hoses and drum, leading to a breakdown. It can even make the warranty of the manufacturer void.

In case you’re using single pods, ensure you place them at the drum bottom and not in the machine’s dispenser. Do this before adding the clothes so they can soak for a very long time.

Remove Clothes Immediately The Wash Cycle Finishes

Leaving wet clothes in your machine can breed mildew and musty smells. Open the door or remove the lid to increase the circulation of air when you’re not using it. This can also prevent mildew and mould from building up.

Clean Inside The Machine Regularly

The residue of the detergent builds up in your washer. To remove musty odours, use white vinegar inside the dispenser, adding some baking soda in the drum, and run the machine.

Run it at a high temperature, then rinse it out. You can remove strong mildew smells by using bleach instead of the vinegar. Also, regularly clean the seal of the machine with a solution (50/50) of vinegar and ordinary water so that the sealing will remain tight.

Occasionally Clean The Pump Filter Of The Drain

The pump filter of the pipe can clog over time due to the accumulation of fabric, hair, or other tiny particles. To sort issues like excessive vibrations, overdue cycle times or water drainage, remove the pump filter and clean it out twice a week. The filter is usually situated at the back of a door, which is at the front/bottom of the machine.

When you use and maintain your washing machine carefully, you will enjoy it for a long time. However, unexpected situations occur where it may break down.

ODAR – Licensed Appliance Repair Service

ODAR is the leading appliance repair service in Toronto. We offer reliable, quick, same-day repair services for appliance owners in Toronto and the GTA. Appliance repair can be a huge need for many residents of Toronto. It always seems like appliances give up on their owners at the most uncomfortable of times. This is why you need a reliable appliance service that can come to you at any time. Our customer care centre is open all week. Give us a call, and we will be right there!


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