When Should I Replace My Refrigerator?

Most modern-day refrigerators are made to last. A high-quality refrigerator can last for years, and regular maintenance and repairs can further extend its life. All good things must come to an end, however, and at a certain point your refrigerator may be too old and outdated to be repaired. So how do you know when to replace your refrigerator versus when a simple repair would do the trick? Here are some tips to help you determine the right time to have your refrigerator replaced with a newer model.


A typical refrigerator has a lifespan of 10 to 20 years. The cost of potential repairs increases with age because they more be more invasive and parts may be more difficult to find for older models. If you’ve had your refrigerator for 8 years or less, consider repair. If you’ve had your fridge for more than 8 years, you may want to consider looking into replacement models. This is only a rough generalization—the best way to determine if your fridge is too outdated to repair is to consult with a professional appliance technician.

Energy Efficiency

Your refrigerator may be operating just fine but it could be wasting a significant amount of energy. Energy-wasting refrigerators can raise your energy bills and end up costing you more than repairs. For instance, a 10-year-old fridge uses twice the amount of energy as a new Energy-Star certified model. Home owners who opt to have their refrigerators replaced with energy-efficient models notice the difference in their energy bills almost immediately. An energy-efficient refrigerator is a wise investment that will save you a lot of money of utility bills in the future.

Every refrigerator is a little bit different so deciding when to replace the fridge in your home can be difficult. If you’ve been experiencing problems with your refrigerator and you’re not sure if repair or replacement is the answer, give us a call today. Our friendly and experienced staff can inspect your fridge to determine its exact condition and provides solutions that work for you. To learn more about our refrigerator inspection, maintenance, repair and installation services, contact us today at On Demand Appliance Repair.

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