Among the most common issues in everyday appliances functioning are the washer and dryer problems. Washer and dryers make the most important appliances in the household by washing the laundry and quickly drying the clothes and other items, making sure that the house is in perfect order and laundry is done on time.

Even the slightest issue in the washers and dryers can cause extreme inconvenience leading to frustration. Also, it can soon turn into a costly affair if these appliances aren’t operating efficiently in the form of mounting energy bills especially if the washers and dryers aren’t in top shape. ODAR (on demand appliances repair) provides an effective solution for the washer repair and dryer repair in Toronto and surrounding areas.

We are fully equipped and have the expertise in dealing with every kind of washer and dryer issues. Some of common issues and solutions by ODAR are discussed below:

  • Washer and dryer not working: Starting from checking the minor issues such as unplugging or circuit break tripping to more complex issues such as damaged terminal block, bad thermostat, or broken start switch, we do have the solution to every possible problem related to the washer and dryer repair in Toronto and surrounding areas.
  • Drum spinning problems: Many times the motor of the dryer and washer runs effectively, but the drum doesn’t spin for various reasons such as a broken belt, non-functioning motor, a bad roller, or idler pulley. Whatever the problem is, our technicians expertly diagnose the root cause of the problem and solves it to make it fully functional again.
  • There is no heat in the dryer: If you see that the dryer drum is spinning but not producing any heat, there could be multiple reasons for the same such as a bad fuse, problems with the thermostat, temperature switch, or heating coils. ODAR technicians are the best in solving such washer and dryer repair in Toronto and nearby areas.
  • Washer and drying producing the unusually higher amount of heat: A lot of washer and dryers gets extremely hot which can pose a serious risk and can lead to a dangerous situation and should be addressed immediately by calling the technical experts in handling the washer and dryer repair. ODAR experts will identify the main cause of the problem including the clogged vents, faulty heating coils, or a bad thermostat which can lead to this issue. Depending on which type of dryer the client has, ODAR team of technicians will provide a full and speedy diagnosis and viable solution for the problem with a quote beforehand.

Why should you choose ODAR washer and dryer repair in Toronto?

  • We thoroughly assess the issue and give the quotes before beginning the work
  • Highly trained, professionally qualified, and courteous technicians
  • Competitive pricing with quotes based on the jobs instead of hours
  • Complete ownership of the project and taking care of all small details such as leaving the home as clean as it was before the work

Availing our services for your daily appliances need will not only prevent high energy bills but also provide the hassle-free, convenient maintenance in the times of emergency breakdowns.

We completely take charge of the situation keeping the safety issues as our main priority. For any of the appliance repair need in Toronto and surrounding areas, contact ODAR today and avail our regular maintenance services. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service with our professional, friendly, and dedicated technicians who are fully equipped to fix any kind of issue quickly and efficiently.

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