Are you debating whether or not to buy a new appliance or fix your current one? This page has the answers to all your questions. In general as a rule of thumb, if the cost of the repair of your current appliance is roughly 60-70% of the cost of buying a new appliance (given it is the same make and model) then it is probably the best idea to start thinking about getting the current one replaced.
However, there are other considerations that you may not be aware of when making such decisions. Unfortunately, today we live in a disposable society where we dispose of all items we see as old, unfit or pretty. Little do we know that by disposing and replacing our appliances, this act may cost us more in the long run.

1.   Age of the appliance
2.  The condition of the appliance
3.  The cost of buying a new appliance
4.  Make and model of the appliance

Lets examine the first point. The age of the appliance is something we should definitely keep in ind when thinking to replace the appliance. One must figure out if there are still replacement parts for the appliance. If there are only few parts available for an older model, then it may not be worth it to repair the appliance now, just to find out later on that there are no more parts available if i ever need it in the future.

Furthermore, given there are parts available for the appliance, one must consider the condition of the appliance in question. If the dryer looks almost new and is in great condition, then maybe repairing the appliance is actually a great idea. On the other hand, if the washing machine looks completely worn out, then it is highly recommended to replace the unit as opposed to buying a new one.

Another point one must consider is the cost of buying a new appliance, given you choose the same make and model for the comparison. If the cost of the repair exceeds roughly 60-70% of buying a new appliance, then it is recommended to get a new appliance.

Last, and the most important thing to consider is the fact that a new appliance has a life span of roughly 3 years before you call a repairman. It is a know fact that, like cars, appliances are made cheap in quality and high price. Appliances in today’s market are not like the appliances we had 20 years ago. So most likely your old repaired appliance would probably outlast any new appliance that you would think about buying.

Feel free to ask your technician for recommendation or advice on what to do. He will be more than happy to offer you his professional opinion so that you can make an informed decision and possibly save yourself a buck or two.

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