By far, the king of home refrigeration systems, Sub zero is considered by many to be the best brand of refrigerators in the market. Sub zero also manufactures refrigerators under the Wolf brand name as well. Sub Zero claims to be the first company to make the built in refrigeration system.

With great products come great costs. The Sub Zero procuct line is one of the most, (if not the most), expensive refrigerators in the market. It offers the most powerful bang for your buck in terms of durability, design and performance. Sub Zero refrigerators are showcased throughout fashion, decoration and gallery channels worldwide.


Should your Sub Zero refrigerator break down on you, do not take the chance and hire just any technician for the job. You should call a professional who can handle such a massive refrigerator. After all, you’ve paid good money for it.

On Demand Appliance repair technicians are equipped with the latest equipment and tools, not to mention the experience and knowhow, to handle any issue that you may experience with your sub zero refrigerator.

Whether the evaporator motor stops working and the cooling slowly diminishes, or the compressor just doesn’t start, you can reliy on our technicians to solve any issues you may experience with your sub zero refrigerator.

1.  Fridge does not cool
2.  Freezer does not cool
3.  Fridge/freezer motor does not start
4.  Fridge does not display anything
5.  Fridge/Freezer leaking water

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