ODAR (on demand appliance repair) is a trusted name for all kind of appliances repair and maintenance services in Toronto and nearby areas. We work with a mission to provide the consumers with the best service in the industry. ODAR is a family owned and operated business with a deep commitment to take care of any kind of appliance repair need maintaining the high standards and quality in all our work.

Our refrigerator technicians in Toronto and surrounding areas specialize in installing and repairing of the refrigeration systems in residential homes. Also, we cover a number of brands such as Maytag, Samsung, whirlpool, Kenmore, Kitchen-aid, Bosch, and many others.

One of the most common issues among the home appliances occurs with the refrigerators due to their constant usage. ODAR has the best refrigerator technicians in Toronto and nearby areas with a promise to deliver the fast, reliable, and efficient services.

Common problems with the refrigerator functioning

Below are some of the main problems:

  • Nonfunctioning of the main part whereas the freezer is cold: Among the many reasons leading to this problem common ones are the incorrect compressor pressure, faulty thermostat settings, or defective temperature control.
  • The refrigerator does not work and there is no cooling happening: One of the common problems which could happen due to the bad temperature control system or a problem with the defrost timer or even a dysfunctional compressor needing urgent replacement.
  • Constant noise coming from the refrigerator: There could be a number of reasons leading to a noisy refrigerator such as a defective condenser fan, fault in the evaporator fan, or any other kind of internal problem with compressor suppressing the functionality of the refrigerator.
  • Leaking water from the refrigerator leading to mess: This is a serious problem which mainly occurs due to a leaking water inlet valve, clogged drains, cracked or defrosted drain pans, or the damaged lines to the dispenser.
  • Nonfunctioning of the ice and water dispenser area: This problem generally occurs due to the problems in the water connections and not the building of the frost, or the issue in the water valve.
  • Snow builds up on the back panel of the freezer

Services provided by our refrigerator technicians in Toronto and nearby areas

With their expertise and skillfulness, our refrigerator technicians can expertly resolve the most common refrigerator problems including-

  • Checking of the thermostats and calibration of the same ensuring appropriate temperatures are maintained for smooth functioning.
  • Our refrigerator technicians in Toronto are equipped to do all kind of repairing and rebuilding services involving complex commercial HVAC and environmental systems, with regular checking and maintenance methods.
  • Ensures the functioning of all the mechanical rooms and keep them clean, and organized.
  • Checking if all the components of the refrigerator are connected to power sources, ducts, and refrigerant lines for proper functioning.
  • Installation of the components and checking the functioning of all the parts of the refrigerator.
  • Any other issue affecting the efficient functioning of the refrigerator

Why choose refrigerator technicians of ODAR

  • Their expertise in handling and using special equipment and tools necessary to install the refrigeration system.
  • Ability to accurately assess the problem area to make sure that there is an issue with the refrigerator. At times, the problem is really simple and can be fixed immediately such as when the refrigerator is not cooling because the temperature switch is accidentally off.
  • Expertise in working with multiple brands by following manufacturer instructions and blueprints to resolve the issue efficiently.
  • Timely services with the accurate quotes provided before beginning the work.

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