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Finding the right appliance repair service provider can be a daunting task. There are many companies to choose from. You should choose a company that is reputable as they are professional and capable. ODAR Appliance Repair is such company. Our proven track record and years of service makes us the perfect solution for you Kenmore appliance repair issues. We understand that your appliances can suddenly malfunction without prior notice. For this reason our Kenmore repair service is available same day and for emergencies. 

When you decide to call us for your Kenmore appliances, you will get honest and reliable service at an affordable price. Our technicians’ trucks are equipped with spare parts to make sure we can complete repairs that very same day. We are available to answer your calls 24/7 and on holidays.


Kenmore Appliance Repair 

On Demand Appliance Repair do:

Kenmore’s history is one that is very well known to all Kenmore appliance consumers. It began as a smaller appliance manufacturer and later became one of the biggest companies in the market. Its original washing machine was sold almost a hundred years ago.  Today, however, it is a completely different story. Kenmore appliances were backed by sears and the sears holdings group. When Sears decided to close its doors in Canada, any consumers that had a Kenmore appliance warranty of any sort was completely void. Today Kenmore products are being manufactured by Whirlpool, LG, Samsung and Electrolux (Frigidaire). ODAR Appliance Repair technicians are factory trained to repair Kenmore fridges, washers, dryers, stoves, ovens and dishwashers. Rest assured that no matter which manufacturer produces your Kenmore appliance, our skilled technicians will fix it. 

1.  Kenmore refrigerator not cooling
2.  Kenmore refrigerator not defrosting
3.  Kenmore refrigerator is leaking water
4.  Kenmore refrigerator ice maker not working
5.  Kenmore fridge water dispenser not working

1.Kenmore washer not draining
2.Kenmore washer not spinning
3.Kenmore washer won’t fill
4.Kenmore washer is leaking
5.Kenmore washer making noise
6.Kenmore washer overfilling

1.  Kenmore dryer not heating
2.  Kenmore dryer not turning
3.  Kenmore dryer not starting
4.  Kenmore dryer overheating

1.  Kenmore dishwasher not draining
2.  Kenmore dishwasher leaking
3.  Kenmore dishwasher not cleaning
4.  Kenmore dishwasher won’t fill
5.  Kenmore dishwasher not starting

1. Kenmore oven bake not working
2. Kenmore broiler not working
3. Kenmore oven temperature not accurate
4. Kenmore oven shuts off
5. Kenmore oven no power
6. Kenmore stove elements not working

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