Nothing is quite like buying a product that has a proud and storied heritage in your own country, which is why so many Canadians are proud to own Inglis home appliances. This company specialises in the production of laundry appliances, and their washers and dryers are known across Canada and the world for their performance and durability.

If you have an Inglis appliance that needs repair in Toronto, then ODAR Appliance Repair in Toronto is the best choice for you. Our technicians are trained to service this brand name, and have extensive experience making house calls for folks with broken washers and dryers.

Inglis Home Appliances has roots in Canada going back more than 150 years. With skills learned in the UK, John Inglis moved to Ontario in 1859 and started a company that built machinery. After the Second World War, production switched to consumer products, which eventually lead to the company producing home laundry products (in partnership with Whirlpool!). Throughout the years the company has gone through major changes, but what hasn’t changed is their commitment to building high-quality products.

Major ownership has changed hands, but what hasn’t is their dedication to providing long-lasting laundry products for Canadians. If you need repairs on your Inglis appliance, contact On Demand Appliance Repair today.

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