How Much is the Cost of Dishwasher Repair?
Cost of Dishwasher Repair

Bearing the cost of dishwasher repair may be a necessity at certain times. This household appliance is hugely essential. A dishwasher is not just an appliance that will help you get your dishes clean. It saves you so much time and energy. The time and energy you will need to keep your dishes clean without one can be transferred to other activities. 

According to research by Energy Star, it is possible to save about 230 hours of work yearly, just by leaving your dishwashing duties to your household appliances. This is a really good deal on time management. 

Therefore, when you notice an issue with your dishwasher, the best move is to employ the service of appliance repair in Toronto. Immediately you discover a fault with the machine, even if it continues working, you need to fix it immediately to prevent the problem from compounding. 

Several factors influence the cost of dishwasher repair, causing it to range from just a few dollars to several hundred. In this guide, we will take a look at the cost of dishwasher repair services in Toronto, and the various factors that influence the price you may have to pay.

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Common Dishwasher Issues and How Much It Costs to Repair Them

Several faults can develop with your appliance. Consequently, the cost of appliance repair for each fault differs from the next. Below are a few faults and their corresponding cost of dishwasher repair.

Foul odour coming from your dishwasher

It is very possible for your appliance to suddenly start smelling bad. This problem is typically associated with a dirty filter. When you confirm this, you need to replace or clean the filter. This may cost you about $50 – $100. 

White residue

There are cases when you may notice white residue on your machine after a wash cycle. This is a common problem. Thankfully, the solution is a simple one. You may have to remove and fix the trap screen in the machine. This costs roughly between $50 and $100.

Noises coming from your dishwasher 

Appliance repair in Toronto can easily take care of strange noises coming from your washer. This is a common defect and is most likely caused by the sprayer arm. 

All you need to do is realign the arm. Of course, you need a professional technician to do this. If this is your issue, washing machine repair price may be between $75 and $100. 

Cost of Dishwater Repair And Influencing Factors

Ideally, irrespective of whatever issue your dishwasher may be facing, an average of $300 will be enough to cover the cost of its repair. 

Sometimes, It may cost you as low as just $50 to replace the faulty rubber gasket of the machine. In the same vein, you can expect to pay about $500 to fix the electronic panel.

A myriad of factors makes it hard to determine the exact cost of dishwasher repair in Toronto. These factors include:


This is a concept that depends on where your house is situated. The location of your home determines the standard of living in your immediate area. As a result, regions that are expensive to live in may see a spike in appliance repair prices.

Experience of the contractor

You should know beforehand that with the level of experience the technician has the higher the fee will be. This can be a plus for you. With an experienced appliance repair technician, you can rest assured of excellent dishwasher repair prices.


The brand of the dishwasher you are using will also affect the cost of its repair. In view of this, the price of the parts for replacement will also vary based on the quality of the machine. 

For instance, if you are using a Samsung dishwasher, you can be sure that the repair parts may be a tad more expensive than that of a Whirlpool device. 

Type of repair

In the section above, we mentioned different types of issues that your dishwasher may face. These issues have different approaches to getting them fixed. This, in turn, has a direct impact on the cost and length of time needed for repairs.

The age of the appliance

Innovation and technology never stop, even with dishwashers. A model from four years ago will surely be different from a model from the current year. 

This difference in model is not just about the name, it boils down to even the parts of the machine. 

Older machines are likely not going to have their parts in the market anymore, while some may be scarce. Either way, this can influence the cost of dishwasher repair.


This is another factor you need to consider. There are areas where there is a need for licensing permissions before a technician repair your appliance. If this is the case, you can expect repair prices to increase alongside.


If your dishwasher is still under warranty by the manufacturer, they will cover the price of repair. This means if there is damage during the period when your warranty is still active, you can get your dishwasher fixed for far less than usual.


Final Take

The cost of dishwasher repair differs from place to place. In Toronto, it will cost you an average of $500. As mentioned earlier, these prices may differ based on a number of factors. Often time, only a proper appraisal from an expert technician may be enough to determine the cost of getting your device fixed.

Do you need appliance repair prices that you can trust? Perhaps you have questions about the cost of dishwasher repair. ODAR is a reputable brand with years of experience fixing different dishwasher faults. Contact us today to get yours fixed!

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