How Much Does Stove Repair Cost?
Stove Repair Cost

Generally, the stove repair cost varies depending on the problem being addressed. Sometimes, stove repair costs can also vary depending on the appliance type, i.e., Gas or Electric stove. However, it is essential to note that repairing your stove is one of the best ways to deal with malfunctions and faults.

Like other home appliances, stoves contain different parts that can fail. While some are straightforward fixes that you can attend to by yourself, others take more expertise and, thus, require appliance repair. Generally, repairing your stove is less expensive than installing a new one.

When a stove malfunctions, it may force you to rely on takeout indefinitely to feed yourself. Most homeowners in Toronto use a stove daily and want a quick fix if it breaks down. Also, a bad stove can be more than a simple inconvenience. Malfunctioning stoves can lead to dangerous predicaments, such as gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. This is why appliance repair is essential.

Technicians that repair appliances are well-trained to specifically address any problem with your stove or other home appliances. Also, they can tell if your stove requires a repair or replacement and fix it if necessary.

However, this comes at different prices. In this article, we will discuss the cost of stove repair in Toronto and what to expect from appliance repair services.


Average Stove Repair Costs in Toronto

Usually, the stove repair costs depends on the model, severity of the issue, and the number of labour hours required. The average cost of repairing a stove is around $250. However, this price is not an exact estimate. It will vary depending on the condition of your stove.

A stove repair technician may require a deposit of $50-$100 to evaluate the problem. However, remember to ask whether or not the deposit applies to the final bill.

For repairs, labour costs fall in the range of $60-$100 per hour. Some service companies charge a higher rate for the first hour of service and then offer a lower price for subsequent hours. The first-hour charge could be $60, and then every hour after that could be $40. It’s important to ask questions and get a clear picture of how these service rates work since most service technicians make multiple visits to repair the gas stove.

All in all, you can expect to spend between $250 – $400 on stove repair costs in Toronto. The actual prices depend on several factors that include the type of repair and the brand. It can also vary depending on the professional rate for stove repair and your location. Keep reading to see how these factors affect the stove repair costs.


Replacement parts are more expensive with high-end brands like the Bosch 700 Series, the Rangemaker, or the Smeg Symphony. Also, some technicians prefer not to work on certain brands or models because the parts for some European brands are difficult to find and procure. 

Depending on the brand, the spare parts for your stove may range from expensive to cheap. Therefore, you can expect this to determine how much you will pay to get your stove working again.

Type of Repair

Fixing the gasket of your stove can cost you only $100. However, more complicated mechanical repairs will cost more to fix.

The more complicated the repair is, the more it will cost you. A good example is the cost of igniters, which can range between $150 to $300.

Professional Rates

Different appliance repair services offer their expertise at different hourly rates. A technician might charge $50 to $100 per hour, depending on the repair. Some repair technicians charge more based on experience and expertise.

Distance from the Nearest Professional

If you live in a city or metropolitan area, it can be relatively easy to find a repair technician. If, however, you live far away from an available appliance repair service, you may have to cover the cost of travel and other service fees associated with the distance a technician has to cover.

Accessibility of the Stove 

Stoves tend to be more accessible than many of your other built-in kitchen appliances. However, if your gas stove is wedged into place in the kitchen, it may be more challenging to repair. This can affect how much you will have to pay for repairs.

How Easy it is to Find Replacement Parts 

Parts are generally readily available, even if your stove is old. However, uncommon or hard-to-find parts will affect the overall cost of your stove repair. For example, parts can be hard to find based on brand or age. 

As a European brand,  Bosch parts can be difficult to procure and thus more expensive. The availability of parts and associated high costs can be a factor in deciding how much you have to pay for repairs.

Paying for Appliance Repair vs DIY

Sometimes it may look like you can handle the repairs on your stove using DIY repair techniques. On very rare occasions, this may be a quick fix that can save you time and stress.

However, most of the time, it is better to call a professional stove repair technician. Handling a stove without proper training and technical skills can be dangerous and lead to more damage. In the end, you may even end up spending more on stove repair.



In conclusion, the average cost of dryer repair ranges from $250 to $400. If your stove is relatively new and you’re comfortable paying for a replacement or two, then you can spend about $400 on average. However, be aware that stove repair costs can vary significantly due to several factors like the brand, the type, the faulty parts, and many more.

Also, if the repair costs begin to pile up, it may be more cost-effective to buy a new one. It is also essential to consider the cost of purchase and installation costs. In the end, buying a new stove and installing it in your home may be more expensive in the long run.

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