Cost of Washing Machine Repair in Toronto
Cost of Washing Machine Repair

The cost of washing machine repair in Toronto is a function of the model you own. Sometimes, it can also be a factor of the faulty washer part. Whatever the case may be, you don’t have to worry about the cost of washer repair. Getting your faulty washer up and running again is quite affordable.

Washing machine repair prices are a must-have for every homeowner in Toronto. This is because washers are vital household devices. With a working washer, you can do a load of dirty laundry in a matter of minutes.

Typically, washers can last for about five years without needing repair. However, over time and with constant usage, it is very possible that your device will break down. No matter the model of your device, it is prone to developing faults.

The good news is appliance repair in Toronto is available to fix your washing machine. You can get your washer fixed in only a matter of minutes. 

Do you have a washing machine that is leaking? Perhaps your washer is making loud, uncomfortable noises. In this article, we will discuss the cost of washing machine repair and the factors that determine this price.


How Much Does Washing Machine Repair Cost?

Typically, the cost of washing machine repair in Toronto ranges from $100 to about $400. This is the price range for common washer repair issues such as a faulty seal or a bad water level switch. 

It can be quite difficult to give you an exact price of the cost of washing machine repair. This is because different factors come into play before determining this price. To fix your washer, you will need to pay for the following:

  • Diagnosis
  • Replacement parts 
  • Labour 
  • Technical expertise

In unique cases, washing machine repair prices can go as high as $500 especially if you need to fix complex issues. If your washer’s transmission or motor is faulty, you will need to pay more to get it working again. 

In the same vein, appliance repair for top-loading washing machines that use agitators is cheaper to repair. On the other hand, high-efficiency models can be more expensive to fix. 


What Determines The Cost of Washing Machine Repair

We all rely on our washing machines to provide us with a steady supply of clean clothes and other apparels. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you should try to fix your washer yourself. DIY appliance repair can lead to more issues for your device especially if you don’t have the requisite technical expertise.

An appliance repair service in Toronto is the best option if you are looking to fix a faulty washer. The price you can expect to pay is a function of the following factors:

The cost of spare parts 

The cost of repairing your washing machine will be determined in part by how much you have to pay for replacement parts. The higher the cost of the part, the higher your appliance repair prices will be.

Appliance repair service charge

Different companies charge different prices for appliance repair. The amount charged by different companies is a factor of technical expertise and the standard of living in the area.

Amount of manpower

Labour charges are a part of appliance repair costs. Asides from buying replacement parts, you will also need to pay for the number of hours spent on your washing machine. 

The longer the amount of time spent repairing your washing machine, the higher the cost of appliance repair for your washing machine.


Typical Washing Machine Repair Faults and Repair Prices

Regardless of the model and manufacturer, all washing machines have the same parts. For instance, all washers have electrical motor systems that control the spin cycle as well as the agitator. As such, we can estimate the cost of fixing specific faults in your washing machine.

The washer is on but zero agitation

This is caused by a faulty machine belt. You can expect to spend around $150 to get this fault fixed.

Washer vibrating excessively

Typically, this is caused by broken extension rings. Worn out bearings in your washer can also cause it to make loud noises and vibrate excessively. Fixing this particular fault can cost between $100 to $200.

Motor not running

Timers and switches can develop faults and consequently cause your washer’s motor to work haphazardly. The cost of fixing this fault ranges from $100 – $250.

Water leaking from the washing machine

In this scenario, the guilty party is usually a defective pump. It may also be that you have a clogged water fill valve or a faulty temperature switch. Fixing this fault can cost you as much as $220.


In Summary

The cost of washing machine repair in Toronto is not as expensive as most people make it be. In fact, it is a faster, cost-effective option when compared to buying a new device.

Are you in need of urgent appliance repair for your washer? Our technicians will fix your washing machine the same day you call us. Contact us today!

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