Cost of Appliance Repair in Canada 
Cost of Appliance Repair

Incurring the cost of appliance repair in Canada can become necessary at any time. Household appliances are a must-have for any homeowner in the GTA. On a daily basis, appliances such as washers, dishwashers, ovens and microwaves make life easier for us. However, these appliances can also break down.

Nobody wants their household devices to break down. However the simple truth is that like any other machine, your household appliances are prone to wear and tear. Even if wear and tear isn’t a factor, mechanical and electrical faults can occur at any time.

This is where the cost of appliance repair in Canada comes in. You don’t have to buy a new device because your old one is not working smoothly. Appliance repair in Canada can be swift, effective and highly advantageous. Of course, it comes at a price. We will discuss appliance repair prices in Canada and the factors that determine this price.


Why Choose Appliance Repair

Most of the time, household appliances break down at the most inopportune of times. It may be that you need to cook with a microwave urgently. Perhaps you have a load of whites that need urgent washing.

Whatever the case is, getting your household appliances repaired is a better option than buying a new one. Here is why:

  • It is faster
  • Appliance repair in Canada is cheaper than buying a new device 
  • You don’t have to worry about carrying a new device home 
  • You don’t have to wait around for shipping. Appliance repair is the same day.


How Much Does Appliance Repair Cost in Canada?

The cost of appliance repair can be as low as $100. In extreme cases, it can rise as high as $500. The wide range of household appliances available means that it may be difficult to provide you with an exact figure. However, as experts, we can help you with a range that will make it easier to estimate your appliance repair prices.

On average, most household appliance owners spend about $75 on appliance repair in Canada. Of course, this figure is just an average. It can go up or reduce depending on a number of factors. 

One such factor is the size of your appliance. Generally, the bigger your device, the higher the cost of repairing it if it breaks down.

One important fact to know about the cost of appliance repair in Canada is that two appliances can not be repaired at the same cost. Your friend may repair their LG Microwave at $200. However, it doesn’t mean that the cost of repairing your microwave will be $200, even if both devices have the same faults.

Appliance repair prices in the GTA is a function of the following factors:

Type of device

The type of device you own will determine how complicated its working system is. For instance, a refrigerator’s working system is more complicated than that of a microwave. To that end, the more complicated your device is, the more it will cost to get it fixed 

Appliance age

The age of your device is another important factor that will determine how much you will pay to fix it. For instance, a microwave that has been in use for over 5 years will be easier to repair than a 3-month old device. This, in turn, will affect its repair prices.

The extent of the fault

The nature of your device’s fault can affect the cost of its repair. Electrical and wiring faults are cheaper to repair. On the other hand, mechanical faults may cost more to repair, especially if you need to buy a replacement part.

The repair company

The cost of appliance repair is determined largely by the company repairing your device. Different companies offer appliance repair services at different prices. Therefore, it is important that you choose a company that offers competitive and affordable prices.

When it comes to brand pricing, it is important that you know that lower prices are not always the best. Be sure that the appliance repair service you are choosing has a history of delivering excellent services. Lower prices do not always equal excellent service. The same goes for higher prices.


To Sum It Up

The cost of appliance repair sits at an average of $75. However, this is an estimate that can rise to as much as $200. In the same vein, appliance repair in Canada is always a great option. It is cheaper and faster than the option of having to buy a new device.

Now that you know the cost of appliance repair in Canada, the next step is to select the right service to get your device working again. Here at ODAR, we have highly trained technicians with years of experience.

We can troubleshoot and fix your faulty devices the same day you call us. Contact us today!

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