1. Oven does not heat:

A. If the oven does not heat, check the bake/broil element for continuity and voltage to make sure it’s getting the proper power. With the power removed, Set your volt meter to the continuity settings, disconnect the wires on the bake/broil element and place you meter leads on the terminals. Your volt meter should have a reading of 10-50 ohms of resistance. If your reading does not show a number a beep, then the bake element is broken and there is no continuous electrical current going through it.

If the continuity tests out ok, next you will have to do a live voltage test. While the oven is still disconnected from the power, remove wires from the element terminals and place your leads on the wires carefully while making sure they do not touch each other or any other metal. Set your volt meter on the voltage setting and connect the power to the outlet. Press on the bake function and press start. You should read 240v or close to it. If no power is present then the main board will need to be replaced.

2. Oven has no power:

If the oven has no power and no display, check the wall outlet to make sure you are getting 240 volts at the wall. If voltage is present, check the thermal fuse in the back of the oven. You can test the fuse for continuity test using a volt meter like mentioned above. If the fuse tests out ok, then the main control board will need to be replaced.

3. One or more Stove top elements do not work:

A. If the stove top elements do not work, the infinite switch that controls the element will need to be tested for power. The switch sends power to the elements to turn it on.

B. If the switch tests out ok, then next you will have to test the heat element. The element can be tested out for continuity as mentioned above. Over time, the element coils can tear and force the element not to work.

4. Oven temperature is not accurate:

Usually, ovens have about 20-30 degree fluctuations when used from actual temperature. If temperature is way off what is displayed, the oven temperature sensor is faulty. The oven temperature sensor resistance changes as the temperature in the oven changes. If the temperature is not accurate at all, then change the temperature sensor.

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